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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Barbie Eyes:::Too Hot to Hate Me!

This was a fun and flirty look that I decided to create that one could wear to a party or fun event. After I created it, someone said it looked like a nice Barbie look .... I used all Supergirlushes Pigments for this look (Heaven [pearlized white], Hot to Handle [hot pink], and Hate Me [lavender with silver reflects]). Hope you enjoy!!!!

Check out the video tutorial! (Too Hot To Hate Me (Barbie Eyes)

Here are the pics of the final look!
Close up
Eyes Closed

Wet 'n Wild Palette: Lust Tutorial **requested**

So, this look was done awhile ago per a request I received from darknluvly702 (from YT). Here is my interpretation of lust. Remember that lust is pleasure, delight, an intense longing, craving, eagerness, etc. So that's what I kept in mind when creating this look and I think it turned out pretty over hot and over the top!! Let me know what you think :)

Make sure and click on the video to see how I did it: Lust Tutorial!!!

You can also check out the final pictures below:
Up close...

Blush in full effect...Wet 'n Wild in Heather Silk

Side view...

Front view...

Close look at final result!

What do you think?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Supergirlushes Swatches **requested**

Hey Ladies & Gents,

Here are some in-depth pictures of some swatches of the Supergirlushes pigments that I own. There are over 70+ colors and shades to choose from, so make sure and check out the website for more (! I'll be getting some more next month, and will be sure to swatch those too. Thank you to Jazy (my lovely YT sis) for requesting this. 

Hope this is helpful to anyone who would like to know how they look on a darker skintone. One thing that is unique about these shadows is their beautiful reflects and ability to change color when used with different bases.

Note: These are all swatched without a base and without a primer, and they are still super pigmented! Enjoy!!!

I only own approximately 14, and here is how they look! 



L to R: Paradise, Celestial, Hot to Handle, Mona Lisa, Hate Me, Fire, Smoothie, Twisted Metal, Delia's Tan, Chocolate Truffle, Superstar     

L to R: Superstar, Chocolate Truffle, Delia's Tan, Paradise, Celestial, Hot to Handle, Mona Lisa, Hate Me, Fire, Smoothie, Twisted Metal
Top: Heaven, Golden Road, Outerspace; Bottom: Superstar, Chocolate Truffle, Delia's Tan, Paradise, Celestial, Hot to Handle, Mona Lisa, Hate Me, Fire, Smoothie, Twisted Metal

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New BzzAgent Campaign: Cosmopolitan Mag!

Hey Ladies & Gents,

I'm not sure if you all know it, but I am part of BzzAgent, which is a WOM (Word-of-Mouth) Marketing network where one tries new products and spreads word of mouth. It is a truly amazing concept, and there are so many wonderful things to say about being a BzzAgent so be sure and check the website out! (

They run lots of campaigns where you can get free products and wonderful coupons from companies who would like a new product tested or would simply like to know our (real life people) opinions and thoughts. I've tested a plethora of products and spread the word about many of the products we use today...from the CoverGirl ShineBlast/Smokey Shadow Blast, 5 Gum, 20 Questions Game, Sonicare Brush System, ConAir Ion Shine Blowdryer, Got2B Hair Products, etc. This is perfect for the product enthusiast, technologist, beauty guru, and avid reader!

The most recent campaign focuses on an exciting women's magazine which some may already know and love! Cosmopolitan, or Cosmo, includes "advice on relationships and romance, the best in fashion and beauty, the latest on women's health and well-being, the inside scoop on pop culture and entertainment, fun quizzes, sweepstakes and exclusive offers - Cosmopolitan has everything hip, adventurous women want". They have everything you could ever imagine!!! They feature topics on Sex & Love, Hair & Beauty, Celebs & Style, Quizzes & Games, Secrets & Advice, Videos, and you name it! Take a look and let me know what you think about it. If you are an old-time reader of Cosmo, feel free to let me know what your favorite type of features is in the magazine.