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Sunday, July 31, 2011

EXCITING NEWS:::I am featured as BHM's Beauty of the Week!

Hey Ladies & Gents,

I was recently contacted by Skyy from She wanted me to answer a few questions about my skin care regimen, hair care regimen, and makeup style so that she could feature me as their Beauty of the Week (July 31-August 6). I was so excited when they sent me the final post today!! I would have never guessed that people paid attention to me so I am very honored and humbled!!! Make sure and check out the site and view the article she wrote on me here: Click here to view the article!

View Full Article Post by Clicking Here!

If you would like for me to share the unabridged version (version before edits), let me know and I will surely feature it right here on my blog!

Divaccesories Review:::Live, Laugh, and Accesorize!

If you love unique and different pieces of jewelry as much as I do, you will definitely want to check out this site! I was sent these two pieces of jewelry to review and am so in love with them. First, I was sent some gorgeous peach and gold dangle feather earrings. I thought the color was perfect for summer and I just adore anything that has chains on it! There are 3 shades of peach feathers which are all attached to a chain. They are very dainty and edgy. Here are a couple pictures:

The second set of jewelry that she sent me was a teal beaded necklace and earring set! The beads are properly placed on this necklace and I love the invisible strands that the beads are dangling from. It gives the illusion of beads laying on the neck. The matching earrings also give it extra flare. I can picture wearing this necklace with any casual outfit and I can also picture myself dressing it up with a nice dress! Here are some pictures:

You can check out the rest of these gorgeous pieces on the owner, Arneita Glen's website:! You can also check out my in-depth review on my YouTube channel. Link provided here:

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Few NYX Round Lipsticks **Swatches**

This was a request from MrsJdafirstlady. She wanted me to swatch a few of the NYX Lipsticks that I have. I am a lippie junkie, but strangely enough, I don't have many NYX Lipsticks but do crave more! I am dying to try Snow White, Louisiana, Tea Rose, Creamy Beige, Femme, Pandora, and Rose...just to name a few.  I have over 50 lippies (lip gloss and lipstick) and only 4 NYX sad!

NYX Round lipsticks are very pigmented, creamy, and wear for a long time. I have one NYX Black Label lipstick which has a very similar formula but fancier packaging. They all have the lipstick name on the top of the tube and have clear identifiers on the bottom of the tube which show the true color of the lipstick.

Here are the swatches of the NYX Lipsticks that I own along with the comparison in packaging:

Thanks for the request, and I hope this helps!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Birthday OOTD (Outfit of the Day) - The Big 25!

 Hey Ladies & Gents,

As some of you may know, I turned a quarter of a century 2 weeks ago (June 27th)! I was so nervous and anxious at the same time. I wasn't going to write a post about it because I was dreading getting older, but then I realized that age should be embraced because you were blessed to see another day! 

My birthday was on a Monday so it was very low-key and toned down. I received SOOOO MANY birthday wishes---well over 300+. I must say that I am blessed and thankful for everyone who is in my life and continues to show me love! Thank you so much to everyone who left video and wall posts on YouTube, Facebook, and all of my social networking sites. Another big thank you to all of the texts, phone calls, and visits I received! Here a few snapshots of me on the big day! I had to show you all my face of the day! You can also click the link to view the video on my outfit of the day. Watch Outfit of the Day Video Here

Happy Birthday to Me! 

Purple Smokey Eye with Pink Lips :)

Thank you all for your love and support!

Snippet of my Outfit

Tank Dress from Great Glam

Blinged Out Anchor Necklace from my YT sis, MsLadyEssence

Watch my video on this outftit on my YouTube channel!

Friday, July 1, 2011

"Nicki" Palette Swatches **requested**

My YT sis, jsuqt, requested swatches of this palette because she loved how vibrant the yellow looked on my most recent tutorial. She also wanted to see the finishes of each of the colors in the palette. Below are the swatches in natural light with no base! You can also view my tutorial here as well!

"Not So Mellow Yellow"
Click Here to Watch Video on YouTube!

Swatches Below:
Swatched on inner portion of arm :)

Closer View

Swatched on fingertrips