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Sunday, July 31, 2011

EXCITING NEWS:::I am featured as BHM's Beauty of the Week!

Hey Ladies & Gents,

I was recently contacted by Skyy from She wanted me to answer a few questions about my skin care regimen, hair care regimen, and makeup style so that she could feature me as their Beauty of the Week (July 31-August 6). I was so excited when they sent me the final post today!! I would have never guessed that people paid attention to me so I am very honored and humbled!!! Make sure and check out the site and view the article she wrote on me here: Click here to view the article!

View Full Article Post by Clicking Here!

If you would like for me to share the unabridged version (version before edits), let me know and I will surely feature it right here on my blog!


  1. Thank you so much Shanice!! I tried to comment on your most recent post but I couldn't figure out where. I can't wait to see the new changes!! Yay!


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