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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A 3D Hello Kitty Swarovski Crystal Phone Case???

Hello Ladies & Gents!

I recently got the pleasure of reviewing a jaw dropping, attention grabbing, hold on to your seat, BLINGED out phone case!!! I was contacted by Niki from via email, and she asked if she could send me a phone case to review on my channel. Of course I said yes because I love anything that "blings", has pink in it, and is Hello Kitty related. What took the cake is the fact that I've beat up my phone so much and definitely needed a stylish new cover. The case I chose is Design B113 and is currently on sale for $79. It is beyond gorgeous! (You will see pictures at the end of this post)

Background Information: was started by a group of college girls who specialize in designing and crafting unique accessories. They handcraft each case with Swarovski Crystals and can add any type of flare that you would like. They offer a variety of types from Hello Kitty to Coco Chanel to any type of 3D cartoon character that you once loved! I love the various types that they carry and the various colors and styles. They also create cases for iPads. I did an extensive review and demonstration of the phone case that I got for my Blackberry. It definitely "blings" in the sun which is proof that these crystals are genuine! With Christmas right around the corner, you may as well snag one for your loved one so that they can talk in style! I will probably invest in a new one when I upgrade my phone.

Here is a link to my video review on my phone case and the company:

Here are some pictures of the case along with a collage I made with it on my phone:
Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

Picture Courtesy of

Phone Case on my Model ..."blinging" in the sun! 

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