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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Verdict Is In: Gillette Venus ProSkin MoistureRich Razor

Hello Ladies & Gents,

If you have been keeping up with my Cosmo VoxBox adventure, you will remember that I unveiled my box over a week ago and have been actively testing everything out. You can view the review and follow-up on the Vitabath Body Wash in my previous posts. This time I'm letting you know what I think about the Gillette Venus ProSkin MoistureRich Razor.

I usually test out products for one week to a month, but I only needed to test this razor once to come up with my conclusion. This review is going to be based on my knowledge of razors and me using it this past weekend.
From Gillette Venus Website: View of Razor in Package and Details of Razor

I have been using razors since high school or maybe even before then. I used to shave pretty frequently and would always purchase the most expensive razors and even remember owning lots of Gillette products. When I go to college, I started using disposables because they worked just as well and were much cheaper. Now that I've graduated from college, I actually find myself shaving less frequently but still find the need to shave because of my continuous hair growth.

From Gillette Venus Website

The Verdict
What makes this razor unique are the "moisture rich" shave gel bars that surround the razor and enable you to have a close, clean shave without using shaving cream. It is also a three-blade razor with refillable cartridges. Not only that, but it comes with a nifty shower hook with allows you to store your razor in a secure place. When I shaved my legs with this razor, my skin was so smooth and the procedure went so much faster than when I use the traditional razor. I also enjoyed the close shave along with the ergonomically friendly handle which allows for an easier and more comfortable shave. I prefer to use shaving cream for extra protection but one can make sure and wet the shave gel bar before shaving if you choose not to use a cream/gel. The one con that I noticed about this razor is how fast the shave gel bars seem to run out. I'm concerned that I may not get much use from each cartridge but I do love how smooth and hairless it leaves my skin. My final verdict would be that this razor works better than the average razor that I've used and I am enjoying it so far!

You can find out more about Gillette Venus and also purchase this razor by visiting their website:

Disclaimer: I received this product to test through the Influenster VoxBox program. 

Have you tried this razor? If so, what did you think about it?


  1. Ok the gel bar is that like a soap or cream that comes out and you don't need to use soap or shaking cream w/ this razor? I've always been curious when it comes to these kinds of razors and I like the fact of not having to keep buying disposables. Thanks for sharing and i'm glad you liked it sissy.

  2. The gel bar is actually attached to the top and bottom of the razor and is infused with a blend of body butters. When you add water to it, it creates a light lather which is similar to using a gel/cream :) I used it again today, and so far so good!!!


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