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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Skincare Secrets| Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash

Hey Divas & Gents!

I haven't made an appearance on my blog in over 10 days! Blame it on life :) I still love you and miss you all! I hope you had a great Easter holiday. While I was "away", I was nominated for a blogger appreciation award by Erica from Bound2Beauty. I will definitely be doing my response to that post soon as well as nominating my favorites so stay tuned! Thank you so much Erica!! Please check out her article and blog here:

This post is going to be about a skincare item that I'm currently loving! I'm going to start a new series called "Skincare Secrets". I often get compliments on my skin so I decided that I'd share some of my favorite products from time to time. Feel free to let me know if you have any requests!

Simple Skincare
Since I ran out of my favorite Burt's Bees cleansers, I decided to try a new facial wash from a skincare brand/line based in the UK! It is UK #1 Facial Skincare Range! It is called Simple and they call themselves the Sensitive Skin Experts. Their line consists of facial wash, cleansers, toners, wipes, and eye care so you have a complete line of skin care! Not only that, but it is perfect for all types of skin types especially those with sensitive skin. Here is what makes this brand so remarkable:

  • No Dyes
  • No Artificial Perfumes
  • Only the Purest Ingredients
The Product
Here is the product that I'm currently using and enjoying from their line and here are some awesome facts about it! 
Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash -
  • 2 Added Vitamins
    • Pro-Vitamin B5 (to help restore, soften, and smooth)
    • Vitamin E (known to moisturize and improve skin condition)
  • 1 Skin-Loving Ingredient
    • Bisabolol (helps to soothe and calm)
  • No Dyes
  • No Artificial Perfumes
  • No Harsh Irritants
My Thoughts
When I first got the product, I assumed it would be a generic facial wash but boy was I wrong! I am truly loving it because you only need very little for each wash and it lathers very well. Not only that, but it leaves your skin feeling very clean and refreshed and I honestly feel like the vitamins add an extra touch. My skin doesn't have a residue or film after using this product and it doesn't get irritated. The price point of this product is pretty average for facial wash at about $6-$7 and can be purchased at your local drugstore and discount retailer. I definitely recommend that you try it out!

Have you heard of the Simple Skincare Line? If so, have you tried it out? If not, are you going to try it out? 

Disclosure: This product was sent to me as part of the SheSpeaks Program to test out after speaking with a Walgreens Beauty Consultant. This is my honest opinion and I love sharing products I love with my readers! 


  1. I have not tried this line yet but it's on sale this week at Walgreens so I think I'm going to grab a few items and see how they work. I did tell you that O and I were going to do the Clinique 3 step program but there is nothing wrong with a backup. Hmm..I wonder if I can get your skin if I use them lol.

    1. OH wow! I didn't even stop by Walgreens this Sunday as I usually do. Looks like I need to make a trip there. Still using this cleanser and so far so good sis! Please let me know what you think of it if you get a chance to try it. My aunt in Switzerland swears by Clinique so I'm sure they are both good :)


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