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Monday, August 13, 2012

Casual OOTD | Snakes in the Grass! (Picture Heavy)

Hey Divas & Gents,

It seems like I've been really loving sequins and denim for weekend attire this summer. It's the perfect mix of dressy and casual! Not only that, but it's super comfy and makes me feel very chic. I recently posted this outfit of the day on my YouTube channel and wanted to share more details about it with you.

 If you look closely at the tank top, you can see snakeskin print intertwined with the sequins. The denim motorcycle jacket was gifted from my best friend and adds the perfect pop of edge to the outfit! I calmed it down by wearing a pair of basic flared jeans and sequined embellished sandals. My accessories (shown below) match the outfit very nicely and each have their own flare. Take a look!

Accessory Specs:
  • Basketball Wives Inspired Hoop Earrings - Always Your Way Earring Shop
  • Turqouise Beaded Bracelet - Local Beauty Supply Store
  • Vintage Leaf, Key, and Tassle Charm Bracelet - (You can also find it on eBay)
  • Rose Gold Watch - XOXO (Michael Kors Dupe/Replica)
  • Live, Love, Laugh (Silver, Bronze, Gold) Necklace - Gifted from the Bestie
Outfit Specs:
  • Motorcycle Style Denim Jacket - Gifted (from Rainbow I think?)
  • Denim Jeans - Dots or Burlington Coat Factory
  • Sequin Tank - Dots
  • Sequined Embelisshed Sandals - Payless
  • Accessories - See Above

Do you like this outfit? How would you have worn this sequined top?

Thank you for Reading! Make sure and leave a comment if you stop by!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Favorite Summer Statement Pieces! {Accessory Junkie}

Hey Divas & Gents,

I just absolutely love jewelry, so I decided to show you a few of the statement piece accessories that I've been rocking this summer. Of course this isn't NEARLY close to the amount of jewelry that I own, but here a few that I've recently snapped photos of and do adore. I will start posting more as I wear them more often.

I just love how elegant and unique it looks! Love how it picks up the light too :)
This gorgeous necklace from really gets alot of attention! It is silver, dainty, bold, and just the right pop to any simple outfit!

I just love PINK and I love BLING so this was perfect :-)
These diva lips have just the pop of color for any weekend outing! Make sure and check out if you would like your very own. She has tons of statement piece coming soon!

Aren't these lovely?
These earrings are definitely eye-catching! When I first got these, I was amazed at this earring concept. These bad boys are from, and I love how she puts a spin on the traditional basketball wives earrings and uses all types of fabric. They are in a class of their own.

My Mini Diva Diors Collection
Here are a few of her other creations. She has tons more on her site along with the traditional basketball wives earrings and other unique and daring pieces. Check her out!

BEYOND DIVA! Aren't these to die for?
..and of course you can't forget about the diva bling glasses! I thought these glasses were so cute, nerdy, and embraced the DIVA in me! They have no actual lenses but are great showstoppers if you are heading out with friends. I wore them on 4th of July! I purchased these from Leading Lady Luxuries Boutique (

Last, but certainly not least are sunglasses! Of course you can't go out in summer without your shades. It just wouldn't be right! Here are some statement piece nerdy glasses and Hello Kitty Sunglasses that I've been sporting. Now you can't tell me these aren't to die for! You can get these from if interested. I also have a giveaway going on my channel so go check it out!

I hope you enjoyed checking out some of my statement piece accessories that I've been enjoying this summer. Please comment down below and tell me your favorite! Also, let me know if you enjoyed this post and want me to do more like this!