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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Feeling GREEN| Ozeri 8" Green Earth Pan w/ Textured Surface

Hello Divas & Gents,

I have really been in a cooking mood these days! Seems like cooking is my new thing --- fish, baked chicken, turkey chili, brown rice, you name it! I've learned that the only way to effectively meal prep is to get in the kitchen and cook :)

With that said, here is a review on one of my current favorite kitchen toys. My mom has fallen in love with it as well, so it seems that she has taken over it now.

Even the box that it came in was lovely -- great packaging!

Interior of pan --very nice, and well-engineered.

Great color and concept for a GREEN Earth Pan.

We have both used this pan several times, and enjoy using it to make breakfast. Pancakes always turn out perfect when using this pan. Surprisingly, eggs (the true test) turn out great using this pan too!

This pan doesn't require very much oil, and can cook at low heat and leaves food at the perfect consistency.

This pancake flipped perfectly and did not stick! I've also used the pan to cook eggs, and those turned out terrific!

 This pan is unlike other ceramic pans I've used because of its really neat features. It utilizes GREBLON, which is a safe ceramic coating made in Germany, and free of harmful chemicals such as PFTE and PFOA. It's non stick, scratch resistant, and only requires a very small amount of oil. The Ozeri pan also cooks evenly, and leaves little to no residue which allows for easy cleaning :)

Check out the bottom surface of the pan!

Textured Surface to Enhance Cooking Experience
My favorite part of this pan is the textured surface at the bottom. The weight of the pan feels significant, and the magnetized bottom provides the perfect amount of heat transfer while the textured surface creates air pockets which distributes heat to enhance the cooking experience. Another thing I love about this pan is that you can fry, bake, and boil using it, and you just can't resist the eye catching green color. Talk about really going GREEN! 

Overall, I really do recommend the Ozeri 8" Pan w/ Textured Surface if you are looking for a cute, eco-friendly, and efficient way to cook small meals. My only con was the size of the pan. I wish I had gotten a bigger one for larger meals. The up side is that they do carry it in a 10" and 12" size. They even have a large wok for stir frying. Give this pan a try. Love it!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me to provide an honest review. All opinions expressed in this blog are true, and of my own.

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