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Monday, November 9, 2015

High End Lippies | YSL Rouge Pur Couture Rose Stiletto (#9) & Fuschia (#19)

Hello Divas & Gents!

Yet another lippie post! I recently got a chance to try out two (2) new YSL lipsticks, #9 Rose Stiletto and #19 Fuschia. I have always wanted to try a YSL lipstick simply because the packaging is beyond stunning. I am sucker for gold packaging with a mirroring effect. Something about it just screams regal glamour! It has a significant amount of weight to it, and is embossed with the YSL logo which is so elegant. You can definitely tell that they put some thought into presentation, which gets five (5) stars from me!

Now on to the actual product....

Both lipsticks are extremely moisturizing, almost as if you were putting on a lip balm except extremely pigmented! It took me awhile to adjust because I've become accustomed to the boldness and dryness of a matte lip. These were definitely a creme finish and very hydrating, but felt great on the lips.

Rose Stiletto (#9) has more of a subtle, "mauvey" nude look to it and I would easily wear this as an everyday type lipstick. Fuschia (#19) is bold and stands out. This one is my favorite because I absolutely love making a statement with a bold lip. It is a beautiful shade of pink and could definitely be worn out on the town or you could even play it down with a nude eye look.

Hand Swatches

#9 Rose Stiletto

#19 Fuschia

I definitely recommend giving these lippies a try. Not too bad for my first high end lipstick adventure!

What is your favorite high end lippie?

Disclaimer: These products were courtesy of Influenster, and these are my honest opinions.

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