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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Skincare | Valentia True Glow Eye Cream

Hello Divas & Gents!

I hope this blog post finds you well. Today's post is another skincare addition. As you may know, I have been testing a variety of Valentia products and so far, I have truly enjoyed all of their skincare products. They all have impressive packaging, and contain natural and organic ingredients that are effective.

According to Valentia, the True Glow Eye Cream claims to do the following and has the following ingredients:

Valentia True Glow Eye Cream - An illuminating antioxidant rich eye cream that helps lock in moisture, repair and tighten skin for a youthful looking glow around the eye area.

This Corrective Eye Treatment Will:
- Diminish fine lines & wrinkles
- Nourish & hydrate
- Tighten the under eye area
- Brighten dark circles
- Reduce puffiness

Specially selected ingredients work together to achieve optimum results.
- Astaxanthin: A powerful antioxidant that increases moisture levels, smooths fine line and wrinkles, and restores elasticity to the skin.
- Resistem: Natural Plant Stem Cells repair and protect the skin from harsh environmental pollutants and stress related aging.
- Vitamin C: Leaves the skin smooth and visibly brighter for a well-rested and bright eyed look.
- Organic Rosehip Oil: Provides intense hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
- Arnica: A key anti-inflammatory agent to the restorative process that works to diminish the appearance of dark circles.

My Thoughts:

I love the packaging and how cute and compact it is. Also, they give you a significant amount considering that you only need a small amount since the product is concentrated. Most eye creams are in a jar and I love the fact that this one includes a pump which helps controls the amount of product that comes out.

I noticed a difference within the first few uses. I wash my face at night, and then apply the cream under and around my eye and it immediately looks rejuvenated. It's as if the puffiness goes away and the dark circles start to fade. Although the  dark circles do not completely go away,  it does seem to be reduced when you use the product. Perhaps if I used it for the recommended twice a day, I may have noticed more of an improvement in dark circles. The True Glow Eye Cream absorbs into the skin rather quickly which allows you to add the rest of your face products over it. It has always been a pet peeve of mine when I can only add one product to my face and not another. This allows me to do both. The ingredient list contains natural and organic products which is even more of an advantage. I love the fact that they have formulations that don't have harsh chemicals especially because the eye and face are one of the most delicate areas of the body. I would definitely give it a try if you have the opportunity or have been looking for a great eye cream!

If you would like to purchase the Valentia True Glow Eye Cream, you can find it on Amazon.

Also, one neat fact that I forgot to mention in my previous Valentia post is that they are a lab owned and operated by women, which I think is awesome!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me in an exchange for an honest review, and all opinions are my own! I truly love Valentia products and have never had a negative experience.